Ramsau Hippach is the town below Chalet Vista. There guests will find two supermarkets and a host of other amenities. Our favourite food shop is MPreis in Ramsau; the meat here is very good & beer & wine is cheap. It has a cafe and toilets if you fancy a break after your shopping.  Alternatively try ADEG, the supermarket opposite MPreis which also contains a bakery (open Sun mornings too) and a Post Office. The hairdresser is next door if you need a haircut.  If you intend to use a shopping trolley take a one Euro coin. You pay extra for bags so try & remember to take one (or more) with you. All these shops take credit cards (although some restaurants only take cash- beware!) Water is comes from higher up the mountain than Evian and is obviously very safe & clean to drink straight from the taps; there’s no need to buy bottled water unless you fancy bubbles in it. Hopefully you won’t need to see a medical doctor during your stay, but if you do there are several up the road between the supermarkets. Pick the one that suits your needs- there are two GPs for adults, a child specialist doctor, two physiotherapists and a chiropractor.

Local amenities and directions 660w

There are several restaurants, two bars (Des Iss, with takeaway or eat in pizza, burgers, Mexican food) and Pink Panther (a Sky Sports bar), and a surprisingly large nightclub.  The nightclub (next to Pink Panther) often has promotions, live acts and an in house kebab shop if you’re feeling hungry at 2am!

Shops close at 7pm and Sundays but the Shell garage stays open late and on Sundays.  It has a shop and a bakery, handy if you’ve missed the supermarkets.